Winter CDH & NYE Dance

December 26 - January 1

(Six Nights & Five Full Days)
WCDH is a flexible (and affordable) annual contra dance week held between Christmas and New Years. It began in 2003 with the vision of Warren and Terry Doyle, influenced by Terpsichore's Holiday, of which Warren and his two children, Heather and Forest, were a part of for seven years. After its humble beginnings, WCDH has turned into a national contradance event drawing avid, high-energy, skilled dancers of all ages from thirty or more states and a few foreign countries each year.

Terry and Warren are proud of their ground-breaking 100% non-punitive refund policy, non-gender balancing policy, a flexible registration system, reasonable COVID protocols, and the fact there has only been five rate increases since the beginning twenty years ago. The event had been sold-out for nine straight years (between 2010 - 2019), with the 2015 event achieving that status a remarkable 10.5 months ahead of time.

Past WCDH Bands

2023 - Toss the Possum / Drive Train / Buzz Band
2022 - Toss the Possum / Drive Train / Buzz Band
2021 - Rob Zisette, Ed Howe, George Paul (the ‘birth’ of the Buzz Band), TJ Crow, Martha Edwards and Janet Muse
2020 - Cancelled Due to COVID-19 (would have been: Buddy System / Mean Lids / Toss the Possum/DR Shadow)
2019 - System of Buddies / Nova / Toss the Possum / DR Shadow
2018 - Mean Lids / Buddy System / Toss the Possum / InTentCity / Eddy Sisters / Oshima Brothers/ George Paul/ DR Shadow
2017 - Great Bear / Mean Lids / Buddy System / Toss the Possum / Eddy Sisters / Oshima Brothers / George Paul / InTentCity/ DR Shadow
2016 - Lift Ticket / Buddy System / Toss the Possum / Barefoot / Eddy Sisters / Oshima Brothers
2015 - Great Bear Trio / Mean Lids / NorEaster / Toss the Possum / Eddy Sisters
2014 - Great Bear Trio / Perpetual Emotion / Toss the Possum / Eddy Sisters
2013 - Great Bear Trio / Mean Lids / Toss the Possum / Eddy Sisters
2012 - Great Bear Trio / Mean Lids / Toss the Possum / Side Street Steppers
2011 - Great Bear Trio / Perpetual Emotion / Toss the Possum / Side Street Steppers
2010 - Great Bear Trio / Lift Ticket / Elftones / Side Street Steppers
2009 - Skytones / Contrarians
2008 - Crowfoot / Lift Ticket
2007 - Crowfoot / Elftones
2006 - Crowfoot / Elftones
2005 - Elftones / Morrison Brothers
2004 - Lift Ticket / Elftones
2003 - Lift Ticket / Elftones

Past WCDH Callers

2023 - Terry Doyle / Bob Isaacs / Devin Pohly / Cathy Hollister (English)
2022 - Terry Doyle / Bob Isaacs / Devin Pohly / Cathy Hollister (English)
2022 - Terry Doyle / Bob Isaacs / Cathy Hollister (English)
2021 - Terry Doyle, Darlene Underwood, Stephanie Marie and Warren Doyle
2020 - Cancelled Due to COVID-19 (would have been: Gaye Fifer / Will Mentor)
2019 - Beth Molaro / Will Mentor
2018 - Beth Molaro / Bob Isaacs / Will Mentor
2017 - Beth Molaro / Will Mentor
2016 - Beth Molaro / Dugan Murphy
2015 - Beth Molaro / Robert Cromartie / Sarah VanNorstrand
2014 - Beth Molaro / Robert Cromartie
2013 - Beth Molaro / Robert Cromartie
2012 - Beth Molaro / Robert Cromartie
2011 - Beth Molaro / Robert Cromartie
2010 - Beth Molaro / Nils Fredland
2009 - Beth Molaro / Nils Fredland
2008 - Beth Molaro / Nils Fredland
2007 - Beth Molaro / Nils Fredland
2006 - Beth Molaro / Nils Fredland
2005 - Beth Molaro / Nils Fredland
2004 - Beth Molaro / Robert Cromartie
2003 - Beth Molaro / Robert Cromartie

2024 Spring CDH

May 10-17

(Seven Nights & Six Days)

Summer CDH Videos

Dear dancing friends,

It starts with a peaceful place – the beautiful mountains of northeastern TN and the nearby Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area/Grayson Highlands State Park.

It continues with a shared vision to create a special space where like-minded people can gather, learn, and celebrate with each other.

It then moves forward with five years of hard work and financial sacrifice to realize the vision – we have built it and we hope you will come.

Be part of the ninth annual spring version of our popular Contradancers Delight Holiday at our singular, spacious, open-air dance pavilion. Good music, lively dancing, competent calling, and fine fellowship were experienced during our first eight years and we certainly expect the same this year.

The folk school is ready with its 130 beds, barn, classrooms, two picnic pavilions, shower house, and camping areas. There are numerous other lodging options within a 15-20 minute scenic drive (i.e. vacation homes/cabins; bed & breakfasts; motels; RV campgrounds). For meals, on-site participants can bring/cook your own food on your camp stoves in our picnic pavilions; or help the local economy by eating at a variety of dining establishments nearby (a list of meal/lodging options is posted under Lodging and Meals on our website).

May 10-12 will be your typical dance weekend program (except for the affordable prices & a Sunday evening dance).

On Sunday morning (May 12) at 9 am, there will be an appreciation memorial session for two important CDH community member who passed in January 2023 and February 2024 and are deeply missed. People will have an opportunity to share their interactions with Michael Compton and Kim 'mama bear' Yerton over the years.

May 13-17 will have a morning dance, afternoon workshops/excursions, and an evening concert/dance.

May 17 will have a morning dance only (to recorded music).

Afternoons (Monday-Thursday) can be spent just relaxing or going on excursions/exploring the beautiful countryside whether it be hiking on the Appalachian Trail, seeing the wild ponies of Grayson Highlands, a hike to where VA/TN/NC come together in scenic mountain meadows, biking on the famous Virginia Creeper Trail, swimming in water holes and at lake beaches, paddling, or seeing professional theatre (i.e. Barter).

There will also be workshops in dance, dance calling (i.e. Bob Isaacs), and musicianship. (The workshop schedule will be determined by the participants). The event will end by noon on Friday, May 17th.

We humbly ask you to support our vision which is being realized and our sincere effort to present contra dance experiences that are both affordable and flexible (unlike other summer dance week experiences). We hope you attend all or part of 2024 SCDH.

For hands touching, smiles reflecting, and eyes connecting,
Terry & Warren
SCDH Bands

2024 - Toss the Possum; Drive Train; The Buzz Band; George Paul; Willy Clemetson
2023 - Toss the Possum; George Paul & Friends; The Buzz Band
2022 - Toss the Possum; Playing With Fyre; The Buzz Band

SCDH Callers

2024 - Terry Doyle, Bob Isaacs, Devin Pohly & Warren Doyle
2023 - Terry Doyle & Bob Isaacs & Devin Pohly & Warren Doyle
2022 - Terry Doyle & Bob Isaacs & Stephanie Marie & Warren Doyle

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